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We serve the communities that we live in


One of the ways to make a huge impact is by donating time. As we think of all of the ways that a child needs the help of an adult, we learn that it truly does take a village or a community to raise a child. This is why community service with ELPS Foundation, focuses on serving children that caters to all facets of their development.

The ways we serve those that need us


  • Support local clean up + recycling programs in the DFW area

  • Encourage food drives that include access to healthy foods ( fresh ingredients, vegan, gluten free)

  • Back to school drives that provide school supplies and some laptops, if applicable (includes available home internet for underprivileged families)

  • Donation drives that provide resources ( shoes, clothing, educational toys)

  • Working to get children access to the general medical care they need (vision, dental, hearing, etc.)

Children in the Garden



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