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There are many ways you can help a child and their family


ELPS Foundation is continually looking for ways to render the support needed for children and their families. Our programs represent the initial lines of support that are available, but we always need additional resources to provide a more comprehensive experience to current families we work and new families that will reach out to us for care in the near future.

1. Donate Items


  • Clothing including pants, shoes, shirts, and new under garments

  • Food including water and healthier options

  • Educational supplies and materials

  • Educational toys and entertainment

2. Donate Money


Donating money provides the fastest way that a kid and their family can receive care, because then ELPS has the funds to allocate them where they're needed the most.

3. Volunteering Your Time


ELPS is an organization that welcomes those with an interest in dedicating their time to helping those in need. We have a plethora of opportunities for adults and students to work with us to help children.

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