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If the parent needs help, this could mean the child does too


ELPS doesn't just focus on a child's needs while excluding what the parents needs are. If a parent is struggling physically, emotionally, mentally, or financially this does have a direct correlation at times to the experience a child will have in terms of their upbringing. One of our goals is also to ensure children can grow up in stable homes and for the homes that are in need, we help them.

Parents needs matter as well


  • Financial assistance (money management and taxation preparation)

  • Career placement (job search help and preparation for interviews)

  • Medical assistance (understanding your options and insurance)

  • Health management (health programs that include food and exercise)

  • Food  help that provides access to regular health food sources

  • Emotional help including therapy and life coaching

  • Educational options including college preparation and financing options

Family Using a Tablet



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